Small Room Package 3 Days 2 Nights

2 adults
1 children
1 bed
0 m

About This Listing

Check in/out time
Check In time: 14:00 hrs.
Check Out time: 12:00 hrs.
The Space
Adult number: 2
Bed number: 1
Children number: 1
Room Footage: 0
Price: ฿ 4,700.00
Room facilities
Air Conditioning
Hot shower
Rain shower


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Still Available

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  • "I really like the de"
    I really like the definition.I consider guys like me who are most definitely not Professionals to be “College Blo&egrs.g#8221; Pro’s get paid to do it and college athletes do it because they love it.Might be a poor analogy, but I like the way it sounded in my head.
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    ฿ 4,700.00
    per 1 Night(s)

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